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Classes and workshops

Julia has been teaching ‘Drawing for the Terrified’ (DFTT’) classes and workshops for over 20 years, both in South Australia and in the UK.  She has taught students aged from 11 to 93.  She has taught accomplished painters and sculptors, architects, graphic designers, a tattooist, doctors, lawyers, mathematicians, psychologists, gardeners, housewives and a lady who literally couldn’t draw a straight line. She has taught the course at an adult education college in the UK, at the Adelaide Central School of Art and the Hahndorf Academy, at the Port Noarlunga Arts Centre and at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery, in schools, in draughty village halls, in artists’ studios, in living rooms and in kitchens.

The course is based on Betty Edwards’ famous book, ‘Drawing on the Right side of the Brain’.  Many people who read this book find it difficult to sustain the practice needed to see obvious results, so Julia’s classes are designed to provide both the discipline and the stimulation of working in a group, which is such an important component in the learning process.  Over the years she has modified and extended the exercises to cater for the many different problems that individuals encounter when they return to drawing after years of neglect or sheer ‘terror’ of the medium.

The classes run over 5 week blocks or can be taken as two whole day workshops, but homework is a vital component in both courses. Once the beginner’s course is completed, students can continue with a course called ‘Drawing for the Not so Terrified’, which provides further practice using the knowledge already gained, and explores different media, with reference to particular artists.

2016 Workshops and Classes

Drawing for the Terrified Classes in 2016

For information about current classes contact Julia here, or go to the drawing blog, Touchpaper Drawing Tips.

Julia is also happy to run a DFTT series of classes anywhere in the City if there is sufficient demand.

Drawing for the Not so Terrified Classes, May to August 2016: The latest schedule for these classes is available here:dfnst-schedule-may-to-August-2016

Life Drawing at the Norton Summit Community Centre

Julia runs alternate tutored and untutored life sessions every Thursday, in ten week blocks, at Norton Summit Community Centre.  She also runs an evening Life Drawing group at Port Noarlunga Arts Centre on alternate Tuesdays from 7 – 8.30pm, with portraits on the other Tuesdays.

The latest schedule for these sessions is available here: Life drawing and portraits-schedule-may-to-august-2016


Watercolour workshops

ragged robin

Where do you start? What do you leave out?  How do you avoid muddy colours?  How do you get gum tree greens?  What makes a good composition?  What are the best materials to use?  Should you draw it all in pencil first?  How do you paint people and trees?

Julia has been sketching outdoors and producing children’s book illustrations for the best part of 35 years.  She has made most of the mistakes you are afraid to make, and has learnt from them all.  Bring any watercolour materials you have, try out the inexpensive samples during the workshop, and you will soon be much more confident about choosing  and using the tools that really work for you.

The second in this series of watercolour workshops will be held at the Murray Bridge Regional Gallery in 2016. You’ll need to contact the Gallery to book for this workshop.



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