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Having a productive holiday – so far

View of Mt Revelstoke from the back of my son's house

View of Mt Revelstoke from the back of my son’s house

I am spending some time on the other side of the world for a few weeks, visiting family in Canada. Just before I left I showed some of my students the Urban Sketchers website and facebook page. So they asked me if I was going to do some sketches while I was on my trip. I decided to fulfil my teenage ambition at last and compile a daily illustrated journal of my travels. What I didn’t know about all those years ago was that one day I’d be able to publish my journal for free on the internet with the potential for millions viewing it! I’m surprised I hadn’t thought of doing it before – well maybe I’ve never had the opportunity to say in one place during a trip and use the internet every day.

So welcome to my new blog – #sketchaday, Adelaide to Revelstoke. The journey begins with some travel surprises, but now we are a bit more in control of events!

The latest post is here.

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