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Day 7 – the Rabbits are fighting for the Reef too!

'Deep Sea Diva', relief solarplate with hand colouring

‘Deep Sea Diva’, relief solarplate with hand colouring

Of course the rabbits had to get in on the act. Even though I informed them that they were neither marine creatures nor endangered, they insisted on lending their celebrity status to the cause. They might not be quite in the same league as Tim Winton or Laura Wells, but I haven’t the heart to deny them a place in the postcards. I did wonder if their tableau was sufficiently ‘coral reefy’ but they pointed out the starfish and the jellyfish, which are both stock reef residents. And they had to get onto the Redbubble Tshirt as well.  Technique? Relief solarplate on Hosho paper – and the starfish and the mer-rabbit’s beads are hand coloured. Go to the Projects page if you’d like to order a postcard.

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