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Day 3 of our shop

the ladies

Well here we are in the shop – that’s me on the left and Margaret on the right. It’s been a bit of a learning curve so far – how do you attract people’s attention in a street that consists mostly of welfare offices, doctors’ surgeries, op shops and the odd tattoo parlour? We asked Weekend Notes to write an article about the Council’s enterprise.  We posted leaflets in all the local shops, and of course we now have a Facebook page.  Hopefully we are part of the growing movement to pull the plug on those faceless giant shopping centres and put real shops back on the streets.

shop is open We have a selection of cards and printed Tsirts by me, plus Art Dolls and Dreamcatchers by Magetta Jem. And the graffiti on the walls is really a collection of intelligent comments made by the locals about what they think we should be doing about Beach Road. Hopefully the Council can do something about meeting the standards demanded – from simple pleas to stop people doing u-turns all over the street to requests for an avenue of trees, street markets and a free shuttle bus down to the Esplanade.  Our visitors have often been people who wished simply to add to the wall of suggestions, but they were also agreeably surprised to see the wares on display.  And we’re hoping some of them will come back and do some creative things in our workshops: this Saturday morning Margaret is showing people how to make a mini doll, and next Saturday we are drawing on Tshirts!

mini doll 1

Mini doll by Magetta Jem


Painted Turtle Tshirt by Mi Mi Designs

Painted Turtle Tshirt by Mi Mi Designs

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