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At Last! The long awaited sequel to Edward Lear’s “Owl and the Pussycat”!



As from Friday November 6, you will be able to purchase “A Disastrous Honeymoon”, an illustrated epic poem for short attention spans, from Alice & Co, 159 Brunswick St, Fitzroy Vic 3065.

This is the as yet untold story of what happened to the Owl and the Pussycat the day after they danced by the light of the silvery moon. Have you ever wondered how they prospered on their honeymoon? A gripping tale of love, passion, courage and nail-biting adventure on the high seas.

Illustrated with reproductions of the original etchings which can be viewed at Alice & Co on Sundays and Wednesday afternoons and at other times by appointment.

Accompanied on the walls by: “A Rodent Romance”, a drama in infinite and interchangeable episodes, featuring two lovestruck rabbits – or are they hares?

Plus assorted dogs, pigs and cats that seem to have got in by the back door. Etchings and relief prints, framed and unframed, with souvenir cards to buy if you can’t afford the originals.

If you want a preview of the poem, take a sneak peek by clicking on “A Disastrous Honeymoon” when you go to this webpage:


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