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SALA is already upon us!

Friday, July 26th, 2013

Yes, some of the SALA exhibitions are open already, and I’m going to spend tomorrow with my nose glued to the grindstone trying to get my own studio into semi-order in preparation for my Grand Opening on August 10.

Open Studio email

The hardest thing about SALA is making time to see any of the exhibitions, and then the second hardest thing is choosing which ones to look at.  My favourite shows are always the open studios, and this time I’d like to visit some of my nearest neighbours, such as Bittondi Printmakers Association (which I belong to), and I’m curious to see Gillian Napier‘s work – she paints animals and marine scenes, and her studio’s in Kangarilla.

Maslin Beach features two open studios, one of a fellow printmaker, Elizabeth Abbott, who’s also in another one at Port Noarlunga Arts Centre, and the other belongs to Eileen Lubiana whom I’ve only just discovered, and definitely want to talk to!

Only open on Sundays and Mondays is Stephen Skillitzi‘s glass studio in Brighton. You can see a demo of his glass blowing skills here.  Another glass artist very close to my studio who’s open for SALA is Glenn Howlett, in Willunga.

Travelling a lot further south, I’d like to pay a visit to Goolwa, to see the Cadell Street Studio, which will be showing work by Yvonne East, and yet another glass artist, Carol Treadwell, is opening her Goolwa studio on August 11. More information about the whole Fleurieu Peninsula SALA program is available here.

I’ll be heading for the Hills at least once during SALA, to visit my beloved Hahndorf Academy, where the Artist’s Voice will be showing a selection of work, some of which was being produced during the last two weeks in the upstairs gallery where it is now being exhibited. And I’m intending to call on Rita Hall, who’s now come back to the Hills from the coast down at Goolwa, and she has a brand new studio in Aldgate that’s open Friday to Sunday from August 9 to the 18.


Rita Hall

Finally, I mustn’t forget to look up a few OPs closer to the city. If I can make time I’d like to visit the Studio Potters Gallery at Klemzig. They are having a grand opening evening on August 9, featuring ‘a fiery Raku surprise’. Sounds exciting!  One OP I will sadly have to miss is Central Studios, which consists of 14 artists’ studios housed in a wonderful old Victorian building next to the Central Markets. Accomplished artists such as Christopher Orchard, Nona Burden and mosaic artist Roz Anderson will be happy to talk to you about their methods on Saturday and Sunday, August 10 and 11, when unfortunately I’ll be at home hosting my own open studio!

And I must also mention the Mechanical Gallery in Waymouth Street, which although it isn’t an open studio as such, is always on display because it’s an open air space.  Preparations for the SALA show are under way already, so if you’re walking down Waymouth Street on Saturday July 27 you might see Ryan Sims and a band of volunteers constructing the next exhibit, while serving tea and cupcakes to passers by.  My ‘mechanical haiku’ are being incorporated in a collage somewhere – I can’t wait to see what Ryan does with them!

All the details of these Open studios are in the SALA guide which you can find at every venue, or you can see the Open studios guide here.

Printmakers needed!

Monday, July 15th, 2013

nankeen night heron

Bimblebox Art Project

I was put onto this admirable project by my friend and fellow printmaker Jorji Gardner, and she’s told me they need more artists, so if you’re a printmaker, now’s your chance to get involved for a good cause!  The art project is supporting the Bimblebox Nature Refuge in Queensland, which is being threatened by a massive coal mining development. The 8000 hectare refuge is one of the very few large areas of intact remnant habitat remaining in the bioregion.

My contribution will be the Nankeen Night Heron, but I still haven’t seen one in the flesh, let alone in the wild, although I believe you can find them around here near Christies Creek. I have no idea yet what form of printmaking I’ll use for this project, but wood engraving seems appropriate as it’s not a brightly coloured bird.

Yes! the Rabbits have a Facebook page!

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Rendezvous à Minuit
After much badgering (if rabbits can badger) the rabbits have persuaded me to open their
Facebook page to the public. So if you like them, please ‘like’ their page, and you will be showered with posts about the best place to buy carrots, which lettuce goes best with Pinot Noir, and occasionally some news about upcoming exhibitions and events.

Black Dog, who’s been distracted a little by my attempts to save the planet by abstaining from plastic, will now be applying my nose to the grindstone and keeping you up to date with what’s happening in my studio. Right now, I’m busy cleaning and tidying, getting ready for the Grand Opening on August 10.



SALA 2013 is looming!

Sunday, July 7th, 2013


Hi, it’s been a very long time since I wrote anything in this blog!  I’ve been preoccupied with 100 trivial things, including a blog about plastic, but I am now focusing on having a neat and tidy studio for my Open Studio during SALA week, which is actually now three weeks, from August 10 to 25.  I’m in the program which came out this weekend, but you can find me and all the other artists on the SALA website. You won’t find me on the publicity for the Mechanical Gallery as I was sailing to Wallaroo on a tall ship when Ryan asked me if I wanted to be involved.  But I will have some haiku on the topic of car mechanics on display at that venue during SALA, along with some fascinating artworks by other artists, alluding to that demanding craft. This is what the gallery looked like in May:


Note , it is now called the Gallery, not the Workshop.

My Black Dog Gallery continues to be virtual, but Black Dog Studio is now up and running and will be on public display on August 10, 11, 17,18, and 24 and 25. I will be there to show you my prints, drawings, mugs, cards, t-shirts and poetry, and you can also have a look at the garden, have a cup of tea or possibly a glass of wine and finish up with a walk on the beach, so bring the dog if you like – but keep it in the car please, as my dog doesn’t like being invaded by strange dogs.

If you’re thinking of coming, I’d love to hear from you, so please drop me a line!